Nightmare 5

“Come to me O spirit and reveal yourself”, they both continued to chant, over and over again with their eyes closed. After a moment of repeating these words, the curtains in the room began swaying to and fro as when beaten by a strong wind, the vessels and ornaments surrounding the room began shaking, as though the earth was quaking.

The bell at the center of the red-clothed table began ringing on its own, the candle lights on the table suddenly changed from yellow flames to blood-red flames and the bulb lights twitched continuously.

At this point, the woman instructed Sam to keep his eyes shut, and continue chanting the words “Come to me O spirit and reveal yourself”.

As all this pandemonium continued, both their eyes remained closed.

Then suddenly came a loud roar and with it a dark cold shadow fell upon the room, causing the atmosphere within to nose dive, giving a slight chilly sensation.

Immediately all was silent, even they, ceased their chants. Sensing a presence within, the woman asked “O spirit, what is your name”, but all was silent. Again she said, “I sense your presence spirit, tell me your name”.

After a brief moment of silence, from the shadows came an answer. Its voice was so deep that it gave chills and goosebumps to both Sam and the woman.

It replied her saying ” I am Naburus” and again all was silent.

Again she asked, “Why are you here… what do you want from him…”.

It replied to her saying “He is mine to keep… he, is my house”.

Why is he yours to keep, he never invited you to his house, she asked?

The demon laughed and said, “But he did”.

Both Sam and the woman with expressions of confusion on their faces yet with their eyes closed. The woman asked again, but how did he invite you without knowing it?

He bedded my bride… traces of me are now embedded in him, traces leaving trails for me, the demon replied.

Sam now shocked and full of fear, suddenly burst out in tears crying out “I’m sorry… I’m sorry… I didn’t know, it was all a mistake”.

At this point the woman quickly cautioned him to be quiet, swiftly telling him not to interfere or open his eyes.

And the demon laughed loudly.

You have no place in his house or within him she said, lifting her right hand in the air. On her wrist were lots of colored beads like bracelets and a bulgy silver-like ring on her middle finger.

I command you to go back to the abyss from where you came and leave him alone, she said to the demon in a commanding tone.

I am Naburus, a marquis of hell, who are you to tell me what to do wretched slave, the demon said angrily.

With that, it grabbed her by the neck, with hands invisible, trying to choke the life out of her.

Sam, sensing there was a problem even though his eyes were still closed, could hear her choking.

In a tone of panic and confusion Sam starts asking “what’s the problem… are you ok…what’s going on”.

But the demon seized her voice and was slowly seizing her breath, so she could not speak. The woman, in a final attempt to free herself from its grasp, stretched out her right hand and took down one of the four candle sticks on the table.

Immediately the connection was severed and the demon’s presence was no more. The cold shadow-like presence was gone, the candle flames went back to yellow, and all was calm.

Now free from the demon’s grasp she coughed unceasingly holding her neck, still trying to gasp for air.

At this point, both their eyes were open, and Sam rushed to attend to her, still asking her if she was ok and what he could do to help her.

Sam now looking at her neck, in shock exclaimed “O my God”. For he could see the demon’s hand mark on her neck, they left a dark red scar around her neck.

He picked up his phone immediately and dialed 911, calling for the medic, as he could observe that she was slowly becoming unconscious and couldn’t speak.

In a few minutes, the ambulance was there, and the paramedics took her to the hospital.

A confused Sam took a taxi and followed them to the hospital, worried about the woman’s safety and health condition, while still pondering on what had just happened.


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