You must be brave my son, you must have courage, his father said.

You will go before us all, unfortunately you’ll be going alone, for this journey is for you alone. I know not what awaits you, or what you’ll find out there, but I know one thing, you’ve never failed. It’s in your nature to succeed, to always find a way. It’s a force within you, fighting for you, sometimes its terrifying. It is your destiny to shoulder this burden alone.

Are you afraid, his father asked. No, he replied.

Good, don’t be, you’ll find the way for us, a path leading to brighter and better days. All the gods are with you my son, never forget your ancestors, they are closer than you think, and with them beside you, you are unstoppable.

Just know that there will be peril, there will be pain on your journey, but don’t be swayed by them, for they are also a guide to your path. Be good, be humble, and never forget your heritage, his father said.

I promise not to fail you father, I will find a way for us all, he said.

With that, he picked up his satchel and his wooden staff, and for a moment starred into the eyes of all his kin. He then gently bowed his head before his father, turned around and walked away into the unknown, without hesitating, without looking back.

A journey in search of the unknown, only fueled by hope and speculations.


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