A New years tale.

First came the gossip, then the rumor of a sickness in Wuhan. Soon this rumor became the truth. Not everyone accepts the truth, especially when it speaks of doom. The truth caused a stain, then a strain, and then it maimed, as it spread like wild fire. It was named The Covid 19, a name that will not easily be forgotten.

A gossip of a conspiracy, a rumor of a growing sickness, a tale of economic halt, the test of humanity’s will.

This is a virus that took a form so perfect that it moved effortlessly, infected with ease, destroyed without remorse, bringing nations both great and small to her knees. A virus that would change the course of history, a reminder of how puny and insignificant man could be.

We all began last year with the hope of life, joy and full of promises. A child to be born, a couple to be wed, a business deal to be signed, dreams to be given life. But rather, most were met with sadness, disappointments and an untimely demise. The fear of indefinite unemployment, the scourge of hunger, absence and poverty pushing many to the brink of virtue.

In the year 2020 chaos descended, and decided man was its enemy. Other forms of life were spared but man was to be punished. A punishment many believe to be well deserving, a lesson well learnt. Every time, nature proves we are her problem, a species insatiable will someday bring about their own damnation.

But amidst this chaos, some found love, a child was born, folks made peace with each other, families were united and bonds were strengthened. Like Emmanuel Ikenna would say, “There is a bright side to every misfortune, sometimes we just don’t see it”.

As always we have been reformed by our plight, and have adapted to the fate we are forced to embrace. We know not how long this menace will endure. But one truth is certain, like the rest before it, strains of its existence will remain.

Those of us graced to witness the dawn of this new year, and with it, its tides of heart warming wishes and dreams, hope to embrace bliss and peace as it unravels. Let the past year take with it our pain, loss and disappointments, so our future and present, be filled with fortunes and presents, Amen.

Happy New Year.


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