Did we hear her.

We all have our pain, sometimes it hurts so much that we can no longer bear, and so we speak…. continue Did we hear her.

Greener pastures

The term greener pastures was coined to imply a situation or a place more promising, with better opportunities and sustainability,… continue Greener pastures


The grim reality of a world void of lasting peace, stealthily creeping closer, elusive to minds shrouded by the condescending… continue Supremacy


I have become what I for a time, detested. Born into morality, heeding preachers of lies and truth, and trying… continue Blame

Solace in Solitude

In the confines of solitude, I found myself meditating on the invisible words of silent sentient rhythms.  Thoughts from bottomless… continue Solace in Solitude

I am Man

I know who I am, I know what I am. I am a protector and a creator, whilst also a… continue I am Man

Gold sickness

On that day, flame was born from breath, and it scorched the air in blaze. The bells tolled uncontrollably, as… continue Gold sickness

A quiet place.

At first glance, it seemed desolate and devoid of any presence, sitting in the middle of a cross path. Only… continue A quiet place.

Lady in red

A glance from a distance, through lense of fine glass. Fragrance like lily scenting the air with a taste of… continue Lady in red

Men of the West

The festering wind blowing hopes scent into fiery lungs. Mortal Men to forge Immortal days. On the shores of hopes… continue Men of the West

Amadioha 3

Cursed by the Chief God Chukwu for his rebellion, Onwu the God of death was sent to claim his life…. continue Amadioha 3

Amadioha 2

In a time far from now, in a place far in the East, deep in the heart of the Igboland…. continue Amadioha 2