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What news from the East did you bring Oh rider, Through uneven plains and desolate grounds, beyond the woods of…

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Divided we fall

You and I have been turned on each other, in sweat and blood we struggle for what is rightfully ours,…

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The fall of a city

In an age far from now, stood a city. In her were royalties of glamour and gold, maidens of radiance…

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Am I a snitch for telling the truth? Am I weak for showing empathy? Am I indifferent for refusing to…

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Forward he said, Keep moving forward. You’ll make friends, You’ll leave them only to make new ones on your way….

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A glass to life

Death has made life precious. That grip that clinches the heart with cold shivers running down the spine, woes of…

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Sprouting seed

I sense a rotten seed sprouting from a place far in the West. A well-designed corruption that could immensely influence…

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Why wouldn’t you let me go? All I desire is to be rid of you. You are a pestilence I…

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My words to you.

Why do you feel irritated at the mention of my name? Why do you hate preachers of my word? They…

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The Truth

Would you dare listen to its rhymes, Would you dare speak of it, And describe it in its unspoiled form….

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Regrets, wishes and truth XXV

On that day they will speak so well of you, your prowess and progress. They will say they knew you…

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Growing up, I was enculturated into the belief that parenting is a necessary stage that comes after matrimony. For a…