Category: Tale

Gold sickness

On that day, flame was born from breath, and it scorched the air in blaze. The bells tolled uncontrollably, as… continue Gold sickness

A quiet place.

At first glance, it seemed desolate and devoid of any presence, sitting in the middle of a cross path. Only… continue A quiet place.

Lady in red

A glance from a distance, through lense of fine glass. Fragrance like lily scenting the air with a taste of… continue Lady in red

Amadioha 3

Cursed by the Chief God Chukwu for his rebellion, Onwu the God of death was sent to claim his life…. continue Amadioha 3

Amadioha 2

In a time far from now, in a place far in the East, deep in the heart of the Igboland…. continue Amadioha 2

Amadioha 1

Notice: This literary work is solely for the purpose of entertainment, it was not designed to illustrate the background of… continue Amadioha 1

A perfect moment.

It’s been so long he longed for this moment. Unlikely events forging scenes perfectly imprinted like stamp on a beating… continue A perfect moment.

Pressure… a short story.

His childhood buddy he has known all his life is now back from abroad. A place he has been for… continue Pressure… a short story.

Outlander… a short story

“There is so much pain and suffering. Sometimes I wish I could wave my hand and make it all go… continue Outlander… a short story

Take me with you… a short story.

One could see the joy and glow on her face when he comes to stay, and the tears and gloom… continue Take me with you… a short story.

Lost smile… a short story

He doesn’t seem to find that smile anymore, seems to have forgotten the feeling of peace it brings. The thought… continue Lost smile… a short story

Stray smile… a short story.

In the mist of coincedence he beheld her face from a distance. Standing opposite her as the metro journeyed further,… continue Stray smile… a short story.