The depths.

And I saw cities lit, torches of flame burning like day, dust and rubble of what once was. Children crying for their mothers, and I asked how did we get here. This must be the final days spoken of, a time when the luxury of hope cannot be afforded, and the sound of despair resounded.

From the sea’s depth they arose, our nemesis, natures very wrath for the end of our era. What we thought were myths and untrue, were real and true. We called them Leviathans, prehistoric beasts never seen before, ancient creatures of legends, whom for humanity’s sake, the creator cursed to slumber beneath the sea.

Humanity screamed and prayed for help, but the doors of mercy were shut and the hands of salvation were far from reach. We deployed all our Nukes and missiles to rid our world of them, and in an attempt to kill them turned our sky black, with ceaseless thunder cracks. The sea overflowed and the earth quaked endlessly. All nations, all corners of the earth felt their wrath.

There was no time to plan, instant chaos without warning. The creatures destroyed everything in their path. It was then we realized why the earth was mostly water, for she was nursing monsters so big the land could not contain, keeping them tame down below.

It was said that in our search for rare earth minerals, humanity ventured farther beneath the sea. But the depths were their home and insatiable by what the surface had to offer, our curiosity drove our greed to the depths of the sea, unleashing its horrors. For ages, we have plundered, and now we have awoken they that have slumbered.

Leviathans, monsters from the sea’s depths, in all shapes and forms, towering over all man has made. Just like in the movies, but this time they were real. All our senseless war, all our petty squabble for land, wealth, and power, have been halted by their wrath. They have made all men equal and survival is now the universal anthem.

The effects from our Nukes blotted the sun, and their radiation infected the earth so much that she was barren. Trees became fruitless as the land was corrupted, animals died from radioactive mutations, clean saltless water became hard to come by, and food was scarce. Our greatest inventions forged the path to our doom.

It’s been 60 years since all these happened, and yet it feels like it was just yesterday. Only a handful of humans now remain across the globe, reduced to living like rats beneath the might of our conquerors. For some reason we are now unable to procreate, the radiation must have altered our body’s biology so much that we suffered from diseases unheard of, and our reproductive cells were rendered inactive. With no technology to science our way out of the impending extinction.

Counting down to our final days as the last surviving species, humanity rallied, but to no avail. One by one we withered with age, and for the first time, we had no glimpse of the future. For this was indeed the end.


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