Lady in red

A glance from a distance, through the lens of fine glass. A fragrance like lily scenting the air with a taste of honey. Amidst the wandering imperfections straying to and fro unnoticed, swayed a lady in red. Red so deep that a heart so keen would bleed from the rupture of its quickened pace.

The strands of her hair leaning finely above each other, curling and winding like perfect cloth weaving. Epitomizing a beauty so enchanting that for a moment, we all gazed in awe, bewitched by such radiance.

And so I pondered, building castle walls in the air, in thoughts to myself. If she would have me all her life, then life’s creed would always plead meaning.

Standing there like the statue of liberty so conspicuously, unaware of the shimmering glimmer ignited within, she scanned around thoroughly as though in search of someone.

Setting her eyes on me, like a Falcon aiming for a prey in sight, she heaved a sigh that seemed to say “found you”. And so in high heels, she cat-walked in elegance up to me and said, “my love it’s time to go, we are almost late”.

You must wonder who she might be to me, that she would speak to me in such words of savoring romance, and gestures of mouth-watering pleasures.

Well… I’ll leave you to your thoughts.


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