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Lady in red

A glance from a distance, through lense of fine glass. Fragrance like lily scenting the air with a taste of… continue Lady in red

Happy New year.

Staring at the moonlight of the new years eve, I reminiscenced. Looking back at the paths crossed, both smooth and… continue Happy New year.

Broken pieces

I stepped into the void, I listened but not a word. Then I called out into the silence, and something… continue Broken pieces

Unwanted Tenant

O this critter, festering and pestering with the squeaking and endless litter. O this unwanted tenant plaguing my home, disturbing… continue Unwanted Tenant

To my pretty face…

I have fallen, so much that I no longer desire to rise. I have given, so much that I no… continue To my pretty face…

A dance for all

I crept out from a place murky and slimy, yet safe and sound. Into a place unknown. I beheld faces… continue A dance for all

Regrets , wishes, truth XVI

The strings of lies are ever binding, stealing peace and pending freedom. Emmalase.


The sting of frustration. The chills and cold hands of fate. Nothing is as it should be. The rhythm changing… continue Fate

A land of silence

In a quiet land I awoke, an abode bound in a coven of silence, upon whispers of silent tunes. Shadows… continue A land of silence

Regrets, wishes, truth XIV

The basic instinct of all life form is self preservation. This entails disappointment, betrayal, are all certainties so long as… continue Regrets, wishes, truth XIV

Regrets, wishes, truth XIII

Sometimes the forces within oneself, forges one’s path and can determine one’s destination. Emmalase.

Regrets, wishes, truth XII

In a world full of chaos, peace is a rare gem.Forming a thick skin to the unpleasantness, requires a firm… continue Regrets, wishes, truth XII