A dance for all

I crept out from a place murky and slimy, yet safe and sound. Into a place unknown.

I beheld faces I couldn’t comprehend, speaking words I couldn’t understand.

Soon, with change inevitable, slowly I became. Then came my name, my face on the picture frames, all in a world sane and insane.

With change, I aged. Soon I realised I was a son of a son, the kin of a kin, in a location in a nation.

Overtime, lifes rhythm was altered by time. Gods made men, men made machines, creators and their creations, all to serve each other.

I dared to comprehend the madness hidden in every sanity, the pleasures and happiness hidden in all vanity.

The search for peace through the eyes of war, the desire for progress amidst regress.

I dared to comprehend…

I tried to understand…

At the end I realised its all lifes rhythm, one all must dance to.


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