A friend and companion.

You love and follow me when the going is good, when there is a need, a want. Then you neglect and forget me when the need is satisfied, when the want is no more.

The phone rings, and the caller is the same. Calls only for help… calls only for help.

Many called themselves my friend, but were swayed and fled when the storm came. Many who said they were with faith, that they cared and loved me. How are you any different from them.

No calls for acquaintance, no calls for check up, no gratitude, no concern for how I am. Things only a true friend would do.

I’m perceived as only a helper, not a friend. A tool, not a companion. You never hear me complain, but when I hesitate to answer, you are troubled, you complain, you say I don’t care.

For a being all mighty and powerful, yet treated with less regard. I guess I am blinded by my love for you, that I choose to ignore all your faults.

I will always answer you, I will always help you. But all I ask is that you love me as I have loved you.

I want to be your friend, I want to be your companion.


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