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Am I a snitch for telling the truth? Am I weak for showing empathy? Am I indifferent for refusing to…

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Forward he said, Keep moving forward. You’ll make friends, You’ll leave them only to make new ones on your way….

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A glass to life

Death has made life precious. That grip that clinches the heart with cold shivers running down the spine, woes of…

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Why wouldn’t you let me go? All I desire is to be rid of you. You are a pestilence I…

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My words to you.

Why do you feel irritated at the mention of my name? Why do you hate preachers of my word? They…

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The Truth

Would you dare listen to its rhymes, Would you dare speak of it, And describe it in its unspoiled form….

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Regrets, wishes and truth XXV

On that day they will speak so well of you, your prowess and progress. They will say they knew you…

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I am a slave of love. A pawn to her schemes and means. Eyes so lit like day light, taming…

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Regrets, wishes and truth XXIV

Its harder to forget a past I pretend isn’t there, when someday I know it will find me. But who…

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The faceless fellow

He came with a heart seeking tame, and reeking shame. His endless wallow in the gallows of vice, a faceless…

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A poem for you

I write this poem for you, one with bitter rhymes of your woes, The stench of despair you wore like…

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Is anybody out there.

The cries of someone far from reach, Stretching a hand feeble and frail too far to reach, Overshadowed by their…