Category: Lit

I am Man

I know who I am, I know what I am. I am a protector and a creator, whilst also a… continue I am Man

Gold sickness

On that day, flame was born from breath, and it scorched the air in blaze. The bells tolled uncontrollably, as… continue Gold sickness

Lady in red

A glance from a distance, through lense of fine glass. Fragrance like lily scenting the air with a taste of… continue Lady in red

Men of the West

The festering wind blowing hopes scent into fiery lungs. Mortal Men to forge Immortal days. On the shores of hopes… continue Men of the West

Precious dreams

The dreams are all I have, and treasure them I must. Slowly they come and steadily they flow, and I… continue Precious dreams

Regrets, Wishes, Truth XXIII

We tend to be oblivious to the reality of the changing world order. Being able to enjoy the momentary comfort,… continue Regrets, Wishes, Truth XXIII

A perfect moment.

It’s been so long he longed for this moment. Unlikely events forging scenes perfectly imprinted like stamp on a beating… continue A perfect moment.

What if…

In one of my sessions of absentmindedness, I found myself swaying towards thoughts vague and grey, Contemplating on the essence… continue What if…

Lowly Ants

They scour the floor of sandy grains, evading and avoiding obstacles as they sway. Intentionally oblivious to the chaos within,… continue Lowly Ants

Calm nerves.

Be afraid, Be scared, Run, hide and cower, There is nothing wrong in that. No one was born brave, We… continue Calm nerves.

Miss You

Tonight all was unseeminly quiet, As though the rooms essence realised your absence and also misses your presence. So organised… continue Miss You

Dearest Motherland.

I have always loved you, so much that I basked in your warmth, Now your sun no longer warms but… continue Dearest Motherland.