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Lowly Ants

They scour the floor of sandy grains, evading and avoiding obstacles as they sway. Intentionally oblivious to the chaos within,…

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Calm nerves.

Be afraid, Be scared, Run, hide and cower, There is nothing wrong in that. No one was born brave, We…

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Miss You

Tonight all was unseeminly quiet, As though the rooms essence realised your absence and also misses your presence. So organised…

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Dearest Motherland.

I have always loved you, so much that I basked in your warmth, Now your sun no longer warms but…

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War, It echoes symphonies never in harmony. Tearing through sound with clashes of igniting metals, forging flames and engulfing dreams….

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So vaguely spoken, Truth cremated and remade in the image of a new age. Few boldy speak it and many…

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Second chance.

Laying on your bed staring at the ceiling, Wondering and pondering on thoughts vague and grave you’ve been concealing. Asking…

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Beautiful poison.

What do you see when you look at me,  perfection and beauty are all your imaginations of me. I’ve learned…

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A cry for a Hero.

Where now the justice and the truth, and the peace that was calling. Where is the spring and the fountain,…

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So silent it has been, that my thoughts are all I hear. So quiet it has been that your words…

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              History is us all. Sometimes she is quiet, other times very vocal. She…

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Happy New year.

Staring at the moonlight of the new years eve, I reminiscenced. Looking back at the paths crossed, both smooth and…