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Regrets, wishes truth XV

Aspire to be different,Aim to be unique,But all in a good way. Your beauty becomes more conspicuous when you are… continue Regrets, wishes truth XV


No one is actually fearless. We all are afraid of something. Fear, a reminder that we are mortals, puny, liable… continue Fear

Regrets, wishes, truth XIV

The basic instinct of all life form is self preservation. This entails disappointment, betrayal, are all certainties so long as… continue Regrets, wishes, truth XIV

Regrets, wishes, truth XIII

Sometimes the forces within oneself, forges one’s path and can determine one’s destination. Emmalase.

Regrets, wishes, truth XII

In a world full of chaos, peace is a rare gem.Forming a thick skin to the unpleasantness, requires a firm… continue Regrets, wishes, truth XII

Regrets, wishes, truth XI

When you understand your role in life, it gives you an insight on what is expected of you. Sometimes for… continue Regrets, wishes, truth XI

Regrets, wishes, truth X

Uncertainties are inherent so long as life is concerned. Sometimes they come with misfortunes, sometimes fortunes. Seeing the good in… continue Regrets, wishes, truth X

Men will talk

Men will talk, that’s what they do best. Nothing done, ever pleases them all. Do what you feel is best… continue Men will talk

A friend and companion.

You love and follow me when the going is good, when there is a need, a want. Then you neglect… continue A friend and companion.

I am God

You try to understand but you forget I’m God. If you did, then I won’t be God. The foolish deny… continue I am God


Never be afraid of failure, rather be afraid of remaining a failure. Emmalase. Someday you’ll fall, just make sure you… continue Resilience