I am God

You try to understand but you forget I’m God. If you did, then I won’t be God.

The foolish deny my existence, as though they could explain how everything existing fell into place, the seasons, the stars, the creatures. Can you describe how they were formed and placed strategically in the position they have always been since creations first breath.

You hear my name and you are vexed, you hear my words and you’re irked, have you ever wondered why. You cannot hate what doesn’t exist.

You are vexed by my actions, but then you forget I owe you no explanation. My ways are not your ways, if they were, then I won’t be God.

You feel I need you, but you forget I made you from nothing, and I can still make another of you if i choose.

The truth is within you, but you choose to reject it, because it speaks of your faults. So you follow those who preach false, and tell you that you’re without fault.

If only the dead could talk, they would tell stories that would enlighten you. Nothing living endures, but after death comes eternity.

Why do you call me God, that’s because I’m unfathomable, I’m incomprehensible. If you could, I won’t be God.

My instructions are simple. Love, just love yourselves, if you sincerely do, all will fall in place.

Your acceptance or rejection of the truth, cannot change its form. It only delays or draws near your salvation.

I am God.


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