Regrets, wishes, truth IX

The unknown, only speculations, the unseen, only imaginations. Tomorrow, a place unsure and inevitable.

The thought of it troubles me, the surprises and uncertainties. Devoid of truly knowing the future, that’s the curse of being human.

I make plans, but then life has no regard for them and disrupts them. Then I plan again and it never falls in place, nothing is as it should be.

Life they say is what happens when all doesn’t go as planned. It sometimes creates the options and we choose from them.

Unfortunate if the options are limited, then the choice is mostly accepted rather than made. Talk about fate, sometimes it can be unfair.

Curiousity they say is the mother of invention, but she also killed the cat. We invented light, created machines, then diseases, and all are here to stay. Talk about destiny, it really is the path we choose for ourselves.

Nothing in life is guaranteed, not wealth, not health, not even breath. Like flowers, we blossom with beauty and smiles this minute, and the next we fade, hideous and frowned.

But then, let the days trouble be enough for the day. Who are we not to dream, if we don’t, then life is stalled.


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