I am fire

I bring change, Irreversible mostly.

I am beautiful, I am colourful.

I am warmth and strain, also hurt and pain.

Dreaded but desired, needed but undesired.

I am rage and fury, without caution I’m uncaged and furious.

I am unique and essential, like the sun I am eccentric and crucial.

I am the birth of knowledge, the path to inventions.

When I touch I pure, when I torch I purge.

I belong to none, and I belong to all.

I am fire.


2 thoughts on “I am fire

  1. Beautifully said. Fire is wild but also peaceful in its image; a powerful warmth if used cautiously and correctly. Flames often do get a bad rep, but you covered the sides of it very well with its emotion, danger, and beauty.

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