Unwanted Tenant

O this critter, festering and pestering with the squeaking and endless litter.

O this unwanted tenant plaguing my home, disturbing my sleep, taunting and haunting me with the endless creeps.

Cunningly Outsmarting so smartly my traps, staring with a glare so daring. What next would you do it seems to say.

O the annoying mind meddling squeaks and disregard for silence when I sleep. Driving me towards the coarse bleak of insanity.

A pestilence I can no longer stand it’s existence. Slidering through cracks unseen and hidden, devolving and ravaging my home into its abode.

I see it’s war you desire…

So I have sent for a friend of mine and a foe of yours to dine. Silent and sleek with the bewildering meow and keen to your irking noise his claws will be your woe.


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