I am Grateful

There was a homeless man, who always sat at a corner of the street. He looked elderly, wore rags for clothes, and begged for change and penny from passersby. One could tell from the look on his face that he was cheerful whenever someone gave him the usual little change. And he would say thank you. One day, one of the passersby asked him a question, “Is there anything you are grateful about in your life”. Without giving the question much thought, the man smiled and said, “I am grateful to be alive”.

You never realize the worth of what you’ve got, till its gone. Its sometimes difficult to be grateful, when you feel entitled. We all expect the best from life, and sometimes when it comes, we end up wanting more.

Gratitude is a gesture only a few know its importance. It implies you understand and realize what you have and how important it is, irrespective of how small or insignificant it might be. Believe me, many wish for what you’ve got, many pray and hope to be where you are, but unfortunately, they can’t have or get there. The free oxygen taken for granted, many pay steep prices for in hospitals, your leftovers which you discard on a daily basis, many scramble for in refuse bins. 

Someone once said, “you came into this world with nothing, no matter the condition you find yourself, you are at a profit”.


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