Outlander… a short story

There is so much pain and suffering. Sometimes I wish I could wave my hand and make it all go away, but I can’t.
They aspire for a better world, one forged in peace, unity, and justice for all. But deep down, not many want it.
In my time amongst them, I’ve come to realize that CHOICE is MAN’S FREEDOM and also his CURSE”.


Tell me, outlander, what do you think of humanity, do you believe we could someday achieve that desired utopia we so dream of, I asked.

He said, Most of you are unwilling to make sacrifices for each other, how much more for the cause of a utopia… even if you all eventually achieve it, you will most likely end up destroying it.

Why do you say that, I asked?

And he replied, It’s impossible to comprehend the magnitude of humanity’s corruption, a species divided and so easily seduced by evil. Always finding petty reasons to justify their naive and shallow decisions for chaos.

You’re fascinated by the echoes of violence, that you so take delight in them. You devote time to creating devices that could bring your demise and yet you call it power. You make laws to ensure order amongst you, but you don’t follow them. Everything you do drives towards gain and most times ends up causing pain.

Heaving a deep sigh of disappointment I said, so you mean humanity can’t achieve this perfect place we sometimes dream of?

And he replied, “Your world is already perfect enough for you human, do not let your base nature destroy this utopia you already have”.


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