Brothers in Grace

A blissful morning, a Saturday morning. An uneasy heart, an unusual plea for grace. A perfect day, to earn a pay. Dressed in my finest, with an unusual glow like a girl going on a date. An outfit so conspicuous, too good for such an occasion. My reason for such an outfit, I couldn’t say.

Prepared to earn our daily bread we all were, on a day like every other. The first time assuming a new position, one I’ve always admired. No one can foresee the future, not a second into it. If only we could, fate would be our friend.

A gas leak, a loud bang, and like a sharp knife, a swift moment of blaze and black. I opened my eyes, dark and red and flames was all I saw. Am I dead, I need air, where am i, where is the door, as I searched for the nearest exit. Thoughts, voices in my head.

It must be a dream, another nightmare. I’ve got to wake up. When flesh and flame embrace, comes a keen roast scent. Skin tearing blood and water, and like the scorching heat of the desert sun, comes an unspeakable pain.

A cry for help, someone in pain, another is demised. Felt like the hands of time had stopped. Like chaos had descended. I looked, and I saw fire, and i heard screams, as fear clinched my heart. The sirens wailing unceasingly, an epitome of tragedy.

A friend, a brother, a son. We all have come from far,from mother land. Against all odds, into this distant land. Like farmers, we have sowed our seed of hope. Watered with courage, in the belief of a better day. You can’t come this far, just to let go. Fight, stay with us, as we are with you.

A single call for help and you all came charging, like Wolf’s coming to protect their own. Only voices, faint, yet enduring, crying “we are here with you, stay with us”.

The long night is gone, and with it our pain and thorn. A new day is born with the rise of the morning sun.

These memories I’ll treasure. I’ll hold till the end of time. These scars i will bear, as a symbol of my rebirth. Your names I won’t forget, I’ll treasure in the vault of my heart.

In my darkest day you all stood by me. In my blackest night you all stayed with me. Words are little to express my gratitude and thanks. I will forever remember you all, who took this road with me.

Grace guide us to better days.


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