Nightmare 6

After the incident with the high priestess, Sam went in search of Alfonso, the guy who recommended her to him.

Alfonso you have to help me, Sam said as he opened the door to Alfonso’s house, fear written all over him.

Alfonso sat on the chair opposite him, he was expecting Sam that night as they had already agreed to meet at his house.

Sam, tell me exactly what happened on that day, Alfonso said. So Sam narrated the ordeal of what had happened three days ago, of the demon Naburus. After listening, all hair on his hands standing in fear, and the goosebumps springing from his skin, Alfonso exclaimed.

Sam, I think you are cursed… there’s a mark on you.

What! Sam exclaimed.

The mark of the fallen… you are possessed by his emissary that’s why you keep having these dreams and blacking out off and on, said Alfonso. The longer demon resides in a body the easier the soul is liable to be lost.

Tell me, Sam, lately how have you been feeling… I mean anything unusual apart from the fear you already feel, he asked.

Sam replied, lately I’ve felt like I am falling into a deep sleep, like I am drowning in a bottomless well. I often black out sometimes and when I wake up I don’t remember the things I did.

But why me, asked Sam… It was just one mistake.

It’s always why me… why me, Why not you… evil doesn’t need a reason, sometimes all it needs is one mistake, Alfonso replied in a tune of panic, pacing around the room. But I think he has had his eyes on you or better yet people like you, for a long time now… looking for the right moment for possession, I think.

What do you mean people like me Sam asked.

Alfonso replied, somehow you have tried to live a decent life, not a perfect one, but decent enough, better than most. You’ve never fornicated until with her, you do a good job in avoiding reasons to do wrong, especially the sin of the flesh.

So what… does that make me a target… because I did it once now it’s a problem? What about others who do it all the time, why not them… Sam asked in worry and confusion.

Children don’t throw stones at a fruitless tree. The devil doesn’t go for people who have nothing to offer, those already tainted, he already has them, said Alfonso.

How do you mean Sam asked.

The sin of the flesh, fornication, adultery, it might seem like nothing, but it is a very deadly sin, encompassing so many contagious illnesses both physical and spiritual. Over the years it is the easiest means of contracting one of the life’s most deadly diseases, also demons, Alfonso replied.

Really, Sam exclaimed in shock. So you’re trying to say some people have been contracting evil spirits through intercourse? he asked in wonder. But if that is so, why are there no numerous cases of this exorcism and… and this spiritual stuff on the rise, most people live their normal lives like nothing is wrong.

Sam… If only your eyes could see the evil that hovers around this world… Alfonso said. He looked Sam in the eyes and said, not everyone you see walking around going about their daily lives is living, some are just empty shells. Some of the bad things we do, we think they are our own doing, we sometimes call it a bad habit… those voices ringing in our head pushing us to do those things we know are wrong, convincing us that it is normal that it’s just fun… Some demons don’t show themselves, they lie dormant and act quietly… some others are so violent that they are noticed.

My God… you know… my dad was a preacher before he died… he and my mum died in a car accident when I was 8, the Catholic Church took me in, and raised me in one of their orphanages. I remember my dad always telling me that the devil works in crafty ways and that as humans we should always pray for the strength to overcome his temptations… he is always looking for souls to destroy.

Both of them now quiet, still pondering on what next to do, Alfonso said, you know what Sam, I sense there is something else behind all this.

What else Sam asked.

I feel it’s something to do with your blood… your lineage… I’m not really sure.

I don’t understand… what do you mean by my lineage, Sam asked.

And he replied, It couldn’t have been anyone, I think it was meant to be you from the start, and the only way for this demon to have access was through the sin of the flesh.

So you’re trying to say it has always wanted me from the start… why… how is that possible Sam asked in confusion.

Alfonso replied I don’t know… it could have gone for another easier host, but no… it wants you so badly that it will destroy anyone that will stand in its way, with what has happened to the high priestess Mama… that’s the only explanation I can come up with.

Mama is still unable to speak, so I can’t tell what she knows about the demon when she made contact. But when I visited her yesterday, the only word she was able to utter was “Church”. So from my understanding, I think she would want you to go to the church, they might have a solution to this problem.

The Church… exclaimed Sam.

Alfonso now Sitting down on a chair in the room, robbing his head with both hands in disbelief said, I’ve never encountered any demon as sinister as this… strong enough to almost kill Mama. Usually, it’s the minions that possess people, not those as powerful and high-ranking as this one. They stay below in the abyss, sending the lower demons to do their bidding in the world.

So tell me, Alfonso, What can I do to stop all this Sam asked.

I don’t know son, if that demon was strong enough to overpower mama then I really can’t do much Alfonso replied.

So are you saying I should wait and do nothing… so… so the demon can come and take what’s left of me… I need help… and you cannot help me, is that what you’re saying, Sam asked, raising his voice in both worry and anger.

Alfonso with his head bent towards the ground in confusion, replied I don’t know Sam. After a moment, he raises his head and says, if Mama said the word church, then I think you should go to a Catholic church and meet a priest, that’s the most logical thing to do now. The church conducts several exorcisms, and I feel they are more than capable to know what to do regarding this issue.

Exorcism… the church… are you sure, asked Sam.

Alfonso replied him saying, I’m not sure of anything now, but I know one thing, this battle has always been between the devil and the Church of God. Go to them they might have your salvation son.

Sam now leaving Alfonso’s home, stops a taxi, and heads for St. Augustine Catholic church which was on the other side of town, a 20 minutes drive. The taxi man stops at a crossroad and waits for the traffic light to switch to green. As soon as it does, he matches the throttle pedal, and the car moves, and immediately from the right came a bright light and a loud hunk from a big lorry, and then the sound of glass and metal shattered and broken.


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