Amadioha 2

In a time far from now, in a place far in the East, deep in the heart of Igboland. There lived a king Amadioha and his queen Ala. He was the ruler of the people of Uwa.

Amadioha was a tall and handsome man, standing over 6 feet tall, muscular and broad. He was a fierce warrior who loved and defended his people. He cared for them so much that he would sacrifice anything to keep them safe. He was a just king, and under his leadership, injustice was always kept at bay, and only truth and prosperity stayed.

He guided his people in the worship of Chukwu the God supreme, offering sacrifices of goat and sheep on the last Afor day of every month, in reverence to the chief God supreme, praying for bountiful harvests and prosperity.

In these times, men lived longer lives and died of natural causes, and those who offended the Gods were punished, and sometimes struck with a curse. So everyone dreaded offending or disobeying the Gods.

Irrespective of the bounty and plenty of the people of Uwa, there was always a threat of invasion lurking at their front gate. Invaders from far distant lands who wished to expand their kingdom by claiming that of others, time and again visited the people of Uwa with threats of war. And time and again Amadioha protected his people.

One day in his sleep the God Ekwensu came to him with an offer. Power to destroy his enemies and the price was his life of servitude to him. In desperation, he agreed to this offer. And so Ekwensu gave him the power to protect his people, and that so long as he lives he cannot die.

In times of battle, he wore a red cloth wrapped around him from his waist down, his bracelet on his wrists, and his blade like a sword with a red handle, forged by the finest of blacksmiths.

On the day of the battle with the foreign invaders, standing alone on the battlefield with the power coursing through his veins, Amadioha drew his sword. And when he unsheathed his blade, it glowed red, and sparks of lightning circled his body. The heavens turned dark, as though it would rain, and ceaselessly roared with flashes of lightning. He fought with the strength of a hundred men, eyes glowing and blade blazing.

On that day he faced a hoard of 500 invaders alone and defeated them all, and ever since no one dared invade his land.

With his newfound power, came Ekwensu’s corruption. Soon he began to see no need to continue in the ritual of worshiping Chukwu. If he could harness the power of the Gods, then he too was a God. Soon his people began worshipping him as one, offering sacrifices and singing his praises. Every year a white ram was slaughtered on an Afor day amongst other things in honor of the great king Amadioha who fought and protected his people.

This made the God Supreme angry, and so as punishment for his rebellion, Onwu was sent to take his life.

To be continued…



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