Amadioha 3

Cursed by the Chief God Chukwu for his rebellion, Onwu the God of death was sent to claim his life. Onwu being a Chief God, now sent his subordinate Ogbunabali to perform the task of claiming Amadioha’s life.

When the God Obgunabali came to perform the task given to him, he realized that Amadioha was protected by a power only likened to that of a chief God and could not be killed. So rather than return to his master empty, he took the life of someone very dear to Amadioha, his wife Ala.

When Amadioha realized what had happened to him, he felt betrayed and decided to wage war against the Gods.

A perfect plan well drafted by Ekwensu was now in play.

Blinded by rage, he set out for the doorway to the land of the dead. With his power, he tore the veil separating the spirit and the living. This act caused a rift, severing the boundary dividing both realms. Now the hounds of the spirit realm sipped through and entered the land of the living, with the vile spirits and agents of Ekwensu unleashing chaos on the land of Mortal men.

But this also meant that the living could also venture into the spirit realm. And so the God-king began his quest for revenge in Uwa mmuo.

His battle with Ekwensu was fierce, but who was he to challenge a God. In the end, Ekwensu stripped him of his powers but kept his immortality, so he could endlessly relive the pain and suffering he unleashed on him, over and over again without the hopes of dying in Oku mmuo.

And so in one of his moments of despair, Amadioha cried out to Chukwu for help. Promising to serve punishment for his rebellion in whatever way the God supreme deemed fit. Drowning in his own helplessly he asked Chukwu for one thing, that his beloved wife and the seed growing inside of her, be granted a second chance at life at the expense of his.

Being a living, his prayers rose from the gallows of Oku mmuo and touched the benevolent heart of the God supreme, and his love for Amadioha was rekindled. Pardoned by the God supreme, he would serve an eternal atonement for his rebellion. 

But since he was the first living man to venture into the spirit realm, there was no way the Gods would let him return to the mortal plain. Chukwu granted his beloved wife Ala a second life, and as for Amadioha, he was to serve an eternal punishment of servitude in the spirit realm, while undertaking tasks as the Immortal servant of the Gods.

He became the first Man to dwell amongst the Gods, and over time, his presence was sometimes felt in the realm of men through thunder roars and flashes of lightning, just like the day he defended his people from the invaders.

After the tearing of the veil, the bridge between both realms was blurred. Some spirits and creatures from Oku mmuo ventured into the land of the living and remained there as their dwelling place. Some of the living became vessels of forces that sipped through the veil roaming freely as extensions of Ekwensu, influencing mortal men. Soon, men would come to offer sacrifices of all shades and forms to them, seeking power, wealth, and protection from them.

The End.


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