Nightmare 2

Sam: Hey… hey…

Mike: Wha… what.

Sam: Are you sure you’re OK… you’ve been a little different since this week, what’s the problem.

Mike: It’s nothing.

Sam: Hey, you can tell me anything, it’s ok.

Mike: I said I’m fine.

Sam: Ok. Just remember to round up the documents for the proposal we are to present next week Monday. As for me, I am done for today.

Mike: You’re going home?

Sam: Yeah. it’s past 7 pm, a man needs his rest. I almost forgot, will you come to the party this weekend?

Mike: What party?

Sam: Are you kidding me, the one at Liam’s place? I’m pretty sure I told you about it.

Mike: Liam… the guy you said was your childhood friend?

Sam: Yeah. No excuses, we have to go. There will be lots of single ladies. So many fishes in the pool for you.

Mike: I don’t know… I don’t think I can make it.

Sam: Why? what else will you be doing during the weekend that’s better than partying and hooking up?

Mike: Sam… there is a…

Sam: What?

Mike: Do you have eh… bad dreams… often?

Sam: What?

Mike: Do you have bad dreams?

Sam: Yes… of course, why?

Mike: Do you have them often?

Sam: No, it’s usually once in a while. I can’t even remember the last time I had one.

Mike: Ok

Sam: What’s the problem, are you having nightmares?

Mike: Every day Sam… every fucking day. The same dream every night. Something… or someone… keeps coming for me. I am always running from it… and whenever I wake up I am covered in sweat… my heart pacing very fast.

Sam: You mean the same dream every day?

Mike: Yes.

Sam: These.. dreams… you’ve been having them for how long now?

Mike: It’s been two weeks. And it’s getting worse by the day.

Sam: How do you mean worse?

Mike: I am seeing things… maybe… maybe my mind is playing tricks on me… but… I feel its presence.

Sam: What’s presence?

Mike: The man in my dreams. The one after me.

Sam: Dude, are you trying to scare me or what, is this a joke?

Mike: Do I look like I am joking, I’ve not had a good night’s sleep in days and you’re asking me if I am joking. You know what… forget it.

Sam: I’m sorry, it’s just… it doesn’t seem possible to have the same dreams every night. Ok… what do you think this thing… or man… in your dreams wants from you?

Mike: I… can’t say. All I know is… it began after that night…

Sam: Which night?

Mike: The night at the club… where we met Jessi…

(And Immediately Sam’s phone rings, babe is calling)

Sam: Dude, I got to go, we will talk later, I forgot I had some arrangements back home with my babe, and it’s already late.

(In a rush Sam leaves while answering the call).

Sam: Babe I’m sorry, I had some extra work in the office and…(His voice fades)

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