Amadioha 1

Notice: This literary work is solely for entertainment, it was not designed to illustrate the background of the Igbo culture and their deities.


In the beginning, were the three Chief Gods,

Chukwu the God supreme of all creation, Onwu the God of death, and Ekwensu the God of the spirit realm.

Chukwu was the most loved and revered of all the Gods. Being the maker of all things, he was worshipped by all mortal men and revered by the other Gods.

Onwu the God of death was usually called upon in moments of death and despair when one is ready to pass unto the next life. Onwu claims the life and leads the spirit to its final resting place in Uwa mmuo (spirit realm) under the rule of Ekwensu. 

For a time this was the bedrock of the three Chief God’s authority and dominion. 

But the God Supremes’ interference in the affairs of the spirit realm where Ekwensu ruled, would come to haunt the mortal plain. 

For a time the God of the spirit realm ruled over all who had died, but his hate for mortals sparked by jealousy for their devotion to Chukwu, caused the God supreme to forge a faction in Uwa mmuo where those he cherished while they were living, could be protected from the gaze of Ekwensu. This place he called Eluigwe.

In Uwa mmuo, was a dwelling place for all shades of spirit. Those who did good and lived rightly in the eyes of the God supreme during their time in the land of the living were allowed to stay in Eluigwe as mmuo oma, where they were occasionally visited by Chukwu. Those in this place were under the care and supervision of Chukwu. Whereas those who did so much bad and lived wrongly in the eyes of Chukwu were regarded as mmuo ojor and were sent to Oku mmuo under the supervision of Ekwensu.

The cascade of chain reactions that emanated from the Godly squabbles, turned the gaze of the God of Uwa mmuo to the mortal realm. 

And so in retaliation, Ekwensu devised a means to seize control over the living, plotting a fine plan to expand his dominion over all creation.


Information for the public.

Binding rules before the tearing of the veil.

  • All the living shall worship the God Supreme.
  • No Mortal shall venture close to the veil.
  • The Gods shall not interfere with mortal squabbles.

To be continued…



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