Pressure… a short story.

His childhood buddy he has known all his life is now back from abroad. A place he has been for about two years. He came home with lots of goodies, looking sleek and slay, the envy of his homies.

A brand new car and a gold chain around his neck and in his purse money in stacks. Stealing every show by inciting reels and thrills with rains of hard bills.

Indeed he became the envy of his peers, an epitome of success, one desired by all of them. Many revered him, so much that they swore to replicate his quick success.

And so one day, just like every other day, he sat with his buddy over some bottles of beer. But this time out of curiosity he said “Buddy, seems like it’s easy making money over there than down here… in just a few years and you’re back here looking this good… houses, cars and so many others… wow… the company you work for must be one of those big ones with huge pays”.

His buddy smiled and said laughingly, What do you mean by the company… bro no firm can make someone this rich in just a few short years… unless you occupy a very key position in that company… and even so, the bills and taxes… that’s another problem you must face with your little pay. I don’t do that shit anymore.

He, now feeling confused, asked his friend again, how come you have all these?

His buddy hesitated for a moment and said, bro… I’m a robber… I’m a drug trafficker… I’m a killer… I am everything horrible any person can be.

Having said all that he became silent, as though there was some sense of regret and guilt he felt. After a brief moment of being silent he continued, It’s not easy making it this big in a short time without getting your hands dirty… sometimes the pressure is so much, you find yourself doing those things you swore to yourself you would never do. Everyone wants to be admired and recognized just as I am now, but no one knows the price paid to get here in a short time.

In shock, He was short of words after knowing the secrets of his buddy’s success. All he could do was ponder on the many wandering thoughts in his head.


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