One of life’s lessons one will need to learn is patience in everything.

Never force your friendship on anyone. Don’t try to be who or what you are not to gain recognition. The more you try, the more undervalued you become.

Even when those whom you wish to notice you start to do so, they will never see you the way you want them to.

Be the best good version of yourself and never be ashamed of showing it. Believe it or not, someone is taking notice of you.

True friendship is unplanned and most times unintentional, it just happens and often lasts throughout one’s lifetime.

Life as we know it doesn’t always work out the way we plan, something you devote time and strength to achieve, but keeps eluding you, then at some point, you choose to ignore and let it go, now comes to you on a platter.

Never kill yourself over anything, give it time, one day with your effort, it will find you.

They say patience is a virtue, but to obtain this virtue, I believe one needs grace.

The world we live in is moving pretty fast, and everyone is trying to keep up. It takes a lot to create room for such a virtue.


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