Lockdown lifted.

Some nations affected by the coronavirus pandemic have resolved to lift the lockdown ban earlier implemented to curb the spread of the virus. It has been observed that there are significant decline in the number of the virus cases in these countries. The lockdown brought about drop in economies of countries, and these countries are trying to rise from the ashes and rebuild.

Countries like Germany have resolved to take things slowly and reopen schools from May 4. Mostly for those in the primary and secondary schools. While maintaining proper hygiene, some stores as well would be reopened. Germany recorded over 3000 deaths as a result of the pandemic, but recently has shown a decrease in the number of both new and death cases in the country.

Italy one the countries greatly affected by the pandemic has also resolved to reopen business activities in places like stores and some manufacturing and production companies. As there have been a significant decline in the number of both new and death cases in the country. Some parts of the country like Lombardy and Veneto, those hit hardest by the pandemic are not allowed to reopen yet. But for the regions where business activities are to commence, they must ensure they heed to the measures implemented for proper hygiene.

In Madrid, it is estimated that 300,000 employees have returned to work. Businesses, industries and constructions have started. While necessary safety measures to prevent the virus spread are observed.

In the face of the death and chaos the novel coronavirus has brought, these countries and some others have decided to rise from the ashes and rebuild their economies,  while still fighting the ongoing battle against the pandemic.


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