Growing up, I was enculturated into the belief that parenting is a necessary stage that comes after matrimony. For a man and woman to be wed, implies that at some stage in their union, they must speculate to bear children. I was taught that kids are gifts from God, and should be nurtured with love, discipline, and care. Over the years I have come to realize a growing phobia of childbirth. Where some people no longer view childbirth as a journey through life, but as an infringement towards a pleasant life. This notion I believe was born out of factors that have over the years, influenced decisions of parenting and child birth. Factors such as;

Financial constraints: This is when couples feel they are not financially capable of fending for themselves well enough, let alone a baby.

Traumatic experience: In this case, an individual who has undergone a child-hood trauma, or has witnessed one, might develop a phobia for having kids of their own, born from their negative experiences through life.

Freedom: Some people believe having a child would deprive them of their freedom. This implies that the child would require more time and attention which they are unable to offer. This mindset is most times the reason for the decision of not wanting to have a child.

Irresponsibility: Some people believe they are incapable of assuming the responsibility of raising a child. This could be attributed to their lifestyle, personality and mindset.

If I am being sincere, it is quite obvious that nurturing a child is one of the most challenging task parents are faced with. Some people would say, in order to learn how to take care of a kid, first get yourself a pet. It is true that raising a child comes with its challenges, especially for good aspiring parents who desire the best for their kid, but should this be a criteria for the growing phobia of childbirth especially in the developed societies and nations.

The decline in birth rate, especially for some developed countries, has become an unnoticed rot gradually eating away the tooth from within. If left unchecked, will drastically impact negatively on the population of these nations in the future. People in these societies have become discouraged by factors which have over the years, developed a strong hold on their mindset and ideals for childbirth. Human population is a criteria for development, as labor force and man power are essential for driving innovations and inventions. The absence of manpower to occupy crucial vacant positions, will only result in mass immigration slots for foreigners to fill these positions in the future. A society with more immigrants, over the years, stands the risk of loosing some of their native beliefs and customs, as they become acculturated to that of the immigrants.

I believe proper education on childbirth and parenting is important, especially for societies suffering from a decline in birth rate. Inhabitants of these societies require motivation and inspiration, to perceive parenting as a stage of life, where one learns to create life and nurture it till it grows into something beautiful. It calls for responsibility, discipline and duty, which at some point in ones life, one needs to attain.

Childbirth is necessary but not mandatory. People are free to decide if they want to be parents or not, but it is also important to educate people especially on the rudiments of child birth and parenting. It is crucial to make plans when embarking on the journey of becoming a parent. For those who aspire to be parents but are unsure of their ability to undertake the task of parenting, it is essential that they be properly educated and supported if need be, on the requirements of good parenting.

Being a child at some point in life, then growing up into an adult and someday having a child of your own, I believe is one of the best experiences of life.

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