Regrets, wishes and truth XXV

On that day they will speak so well of you, your prowess and progress.

They will say they knew you through the seasons and state how you were a blessing.

They will speak of the learnt lessons and wish of your presence,

And finally bid you a happy rest in absence.

Faces known and unknown, from beyond you will behold,

Men and women of times forgotten and unforgotten,

Many related and unrelated.

They will tear and wear in regret, wishes and truth.

And from beyond you will look at there faces and ponder in wonder and say,

My many calls that were left unanswered,

My endless screams that listen to, no one dared,

In the jaws of life did I stretch out my hand, but no one cared to lend a hand.

Its funny how much time is made to acknowledge the dead, but less is done when they were living.

Then, their troubles were meaningless and worries worthless.

Until the pain resulted in their absence,

Only then did we show our long needed presence.

Its funny when you’re dead how people start listening.


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