Regrets, Wishes, Truth XXIII

We tend to be oblivious to the reality of the changing world order. Being able to enjoy the momentary comfort, pleasures and freedom, tends to make us blinded to the reality that not all men are equal.

Everything surrounding governments are centered on interest. But for there to be interest, there will most likely be expenses and collateral damages. Most times these damages are human casualties.

What we sometimes perceive as freedom, is only a well designed systemic illusion to keep the regular man in check, making him feel comfortable in the confines of his cell.

The world is immensely changing, so are the rules. What we once perceived as impossible and abnormal will soon become the norm.

Competition is fierce than ever before with the ever increasing quest for supremacy, mostly channelled towards the acquisition of nuclear war heads.

Some say the weapons are just there to deter conflict, but then the rise in global conflicts in the past few years only contradicts such notions.

When we imply governments, it is now quite understandable that we imply a handful of people who decides the fate of a nation. Be it a government under democracy, autocracy or communism, only a few decides the fate of all.

Everything about the world is gradually being streamlined and stripped down to politics and Interests, not necessarily centred upon upholding morality or truth.

It seems as though humanity has reached its peak, and is slowly on the decline.


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