In times like this i feel graced, days and weeks of isolation have created moments of silence and contemplation.

I say to myself, “those who died as a result of the ongoing pandemic, where once like me”. They made plans for themselves, friends and families while getting ready for the year 2020.

Some where preparing for college, marriage, promotion at work. Others just wanted to live their simple and normal lives. Yesterday we cheered with them, today we mourn them.

Those of us graced with life should seize these moments to reflect on our lives, try to right wrongs, make peace with ourselves and those we care about, encourage and pray for those fighting for their lives, especially for those in the healthcare risking their lives to win the war against this pandemic.

Only the living can redeem themselves.

I hope you learn from your mistakes, so you don’t repeat them.
Hope you learn to love, because God is love.
Hope you learn to forgive, because that is divine.
Hope you learn to be honest, because that is worth more than gold.
To live is to learn, and if you’re not learning then you’re not living.

By Emmalase

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