The cost of selflessness

One of life’s lessons is that the good you do always comes back to you. When you sincerely add joy and happiness in peoples lives, you have inner peace. You don’t need to have much to do much. The little you do with the little you have is much in the eyes of many, your leftover can be someone’s meal for the day. Its nothing to you, but everything to someone else.

Only those who have learned the power of sincere and selfless contribution experience life’s deepest joy: true fulfillment. Tony Robbins.

Humanity entails we develope sympathy for others, we be charitable and selfless. In doing so we become a means through which the prayers of others are answered, we become Gods hand of blessing. A man who gives freely is charitable and selfless, he never lacks, even in times of absence, help always come. He is favoured in the eyes of God and men.

When you show love don’t expect it in return. Emmalase.

When you let go of something you have in order to help someone who hasn’t, you create room fore more to come in. The seed of a selfless act never dies away, whoever sows it one way or another reaps it.

Some people have experienced the difficult aspect of life, but the funny thing is, rather than help avoid others from going through what you went through, you become life’s tool to inflict the pain you went through on others. You tell yourself ” this is how I toughened up, it would toughen them up as well”. That’s very wrong, no one should take pride in suffering. Not everyone can handle hardship the way you did, they might not be as lucky as you were in getting a second chance at their mistakes.

Little things are little things, but carefulness in little things is a great thing. Izuchukwu Amaechi.

You are worth not by how much you have, but by how many lives you touched positively with what you have. The much you have shouldn’t be for you alone. If you think you got to where you are through just your hard work, think again. Because some others work a lot harder than you but where not privileged or graced enough to get the opportunities you have.

Each of us is an important thread in another’s tapestry, our lives are woven together for a reason. Unknown.

So when you are successful in life, or born with life’s privileges, see it as you are one of those chosen to add value to the lives of those who don’t have much. It doesn’t cost anything to be selfless, your change, your leftover, your old wears, even a simple glass of water is enough to put a smile on someone else’s face.


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