Our body and drugs

Ever since the emergence of drugs we have greatly relied on them for assistance in doing most things. This had made the body grow lazy. We now need drugs to heal , get stronger, think better, probably every activity of life has one particular drug or the other that can influence it for probably better results. 

Drugs were originally designed to help or assist the body in areas where help was needed and not assume the responsibility of the body’s function. Our body already has its own defense mechanism when under threat (the white blood cells), has its pain killers (Endorphins), has its hormones and enzymes for proper biological activity.

When we subject the body to excessive drug intake, we make them drug dependent, causing the immune system to be less active. When the body gets accustomed to certain drugs, it reprograms itself in such a way that it only functions in the presence of that drug. This disrupts the bodies chemistry affecting the way the hormones and enzymes function.

Drugs are the short cuts to getting what we want from our body. They are chemicals and always have side effects, this is why they come with a prescribed dosage. We keep forgetting that we can reprogram our body to work the way we want without depending on drugs. Just hard work, a good diet and proper hygiene.

Excessive and prolonged intake of these chemicals are unhealthy, they alter the biological make up of our body, these could result in genetic mutations overtime, and sometimes these genetic alterations and mutations are passed down to our offspring.


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