This isn’t the time for blames

I must express my dislike for the recent happenings this pandemic has caused to emerge from some countries.
The problem of this virus has affected everyone, we ought to put our heads together and figure out how to get through these hard times.
Everyone is a victim here, so put down the arms of blames, racism, and stereotyping, let’s work together and put an end to this nightmare pandemic. When we solve this problem, then we can talk about who is to blame.

Those of you stereotyping and being racist, well isn’t that convenient. You had to pick these moments of crises to be dumb, stupid and uncivilized. Just because a disease originated from somewhere doesn’t mean everyone from there should be blamed, that’s very myopic. And just because your skin colour and that of some others are not the same doesn’t mean you’re better than them.
What makes you think your race is better than others. If it were, you should have been the only ones walking the earth.
Foreigners are like visitors. You should not use your position as a citizen to molest, harass and make life difficult for your visitors, its very wrong.

Follow whatever measure your government has provided to curb the spread of the virus. If you think your immune system is strong enough to withstand the virus, good for you. Consider those whose immunity isn’t as strong as yours and don’t do anything stupid, If they get infected because of you and it results in their death, that blood is on you.

Stay safe.


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