A world of conflict

The world has greatly advanced in so many ways, and this fast paced evolution has caused a strain on all humanity. The desire and craving for fame, power and wealth has increased immensely and created worshippers and followers of this circle of lifestyle. Violence and bloodshed has become ever enduring, with cases of mass shootings, terrorism and destruction steadily rising.

As some part of the world becomes more beautiful some others become more uninhabitable. Over the years the tension and pressure with regards to outbreaks of conflicts has been on the high. Conflicts mostly centered on show of power, religious dominance and fight over land mass.

These are a few of such conflicts;

The conflict between Israel and Palestine, has been ongoing for years, but has currently escalated, claiming lives and properties. The inability to reach an agreement and a lasting peace on affairs of land mass and ownership, has resulted in numerous conflicts between these two nations.

The chaos looming is gradually dooming both states, also creating tension in the world. A tension engineered by the fear of an all out war, inviting other neighboring and ally nations to the conflict.

In Asia, the cold conflict between China and Taiwan has always been inconspicuous, with both nations avoiding an open confrontation. Like separated couples, one still in love and refusing to accept the other’s detachment and independence, and the other insisting the union never was and never will be.

The Chinese government has acquired a lot of power in recent years, both economically and politically. This has given them an edge on international trades and diplomacy. This new found strength will most likely influence their intentions of incorporating Taiwan as a part of China.

On the other hand, the Taiwan government under the leadership of president Tsai Ing-wen have shown their deep resolve to be identified as a nation independent of China.


Taiwan is a small country, yet they are among the worlds most economically viable and peaceful nations. They are among a few countries running a functioning democratic system of government, acknowledging human rights and freedom of speech.

A new tension is gradually on the rise, with speculations of an open confrontation between China and Taiwan, and the effects such a conflict would bring.

Some other countries like Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan are among a few nations affected by major conflicts.

As the years go by, humanity is faced with more challenges and sometimes it becomes overwhelming. With every step taken into evolution, there is a strain on life and livelihood. It is imperative to device more diplomatic measures to address issues of disagreement, and avoid open confrontations which would only spur more conflict.

By Emmanuel I. Orindu

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