Sprouting seed

I sense a rotten seed sprouting from a place far in the West. A well-designed corruption that could immensely influence the world, redefining it in the likeness of everything we once called false. 

The truth of the world can only be seen through insight and not just mere sight. This seed is slowly taking form, though obvious to some, it remains oblivious to many. The desire to be free, which is a boundless freedom, is the game. They feed the heart with lies until there is no more truth, manipulating and controlling what men see, think, and speak. The goal is to prevail over all that is moral and true, enforcing a universal acceptance of what they want to be the norm.

How do you repel a force that wields so finely your every desire? A Force that desires to blur the lines which demarcate right from wrong, sin from righteousness, and truth from lies. 

Come to think of it, It’s bewildering how most people feel irritated and provoked at the mention of “God” or hear the preaching of his word. With every passing year, morality declines, creating new norms of immorality. Some have grown weary of the truth, and most are terrified to speak it. Believe it or not, we are in an era where proclaimers and advocates of morality and truth are ridiculed and sometimes persecuted. The firm grip of evil has caused men to detest those who choose to live right, those uninfluenced by the world’s corruption.

I tear for the young saplings innocently born into this world, unaware they are the key focus of these evil schemes. Young ones tainted by these emanating ideas cultivated in our society will become future propagators of it, spreading it like a pandemic all over the world. 



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