Greener pastures

The term greener pastures was coined to imply a situation or a place more promising, with better opportunities and sustainability, not necessarily a utopia.

The basic aspiration of every human being is to live in a society or environment that is viable in every way. A place possessing features like stability, security, civil rights and freedom. A greener pasture is a place that depicts features of steady growth and development, encompassing the basic requirements for the sustainabilty of its inhabitants.

Some countries have attained a high level of development and viability that they are viewed as greener pastures for most aspiring migrants.

Over the years the search for places of opportunities and sustainability has created a surge in the level of migration from underdeveloped countries to the developing and developed ones.

This movement of people from one place to another have one way or another affected both the country of interest and the one being migrated from.

The negative side effects of migration is mostly felt by the countries whose citizens are the migrants. This is because not only are they loosing people, but also they are loosing the advantages of potential growth which these migrants could have brought to the nation. In most cases, when people move from a less viable environment to a more viable one of interest, they tend to explore all aspect of their potential which were limited in their previous environment. They end up making and investing both intellectually and monetarily in their immediate environment, thereby making it more developed than it was.

The motive of every country government should be to create a society encompassing the basic human needs for sustainance. Once this environment is gradually formed, and overtime becomes durable and enduring, they start becoming someone else’s aspiration of a greener pasture, there by opening a door to the possibilities of an even brighter future.

Emmanuel I. Orindu.

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