Did we hear her?

We all have our pain, sometimes it hurts so much that we can no longer bear it, and so we speak. But then everyone thinks we are crazy, coz they don’t understand.

I guess she could no longer contain it like she would explode if unable to find a way to ease the pain.

Pain she could no longer hide, could no longer endure, and so she spoke.

Such sting hidden in those words, so bitter and sour was her tone. She could easily scorch the earth with the blaze of her fuming heart, and with her bitter words, shrink life essence with the sting of her curses.

Her words I couldn’t understand, its melodies, I could not comprehend. But how could I, when they were shrouded in shades so grim and grey.

She had none to talk to and so she made utterances we all termed noise. Words we all felt were disturbances, but to her, were a script of her painful life’s play, one she now watches in tears from a distance, all laid out on a stage for a disinterested audience.

Who cares what she’s been through, who dared to relate to her plight.

We all have our problems, no one cares about yours, we all thought.

But all she wanted, was to be heard… to be seen.

But did we… Did we hear her?


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