Take me with you… a short story.

One could see the joy and glow on her face when he comes to stay, and the tears and gloom when he is away.

Like a teen staring at her first love, she is overjoyed and lost in the moment, glaring at his finely chiseled face.

So blinded and bound in the web of love for him, that like glue she wishes to stick to him, so she could go everywhere with him.

I don’t care where you go she says, just take me with you.

Giving all and demanding nothing in return, her heart yearns for nothing more other than he.

Such sacrifice, such devotion, a love so void of reason.

Activating dormant feelings stagnant and unknown, reviving them with a smile.

How can he reciprocate such love, one on a magnitude like no other, on a scale beyond border.


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