The grim reality of a world void of lasting peace, stealthily creeping closer, elusive to minds shrouded by the condescending fog of ignorance, stings like a hornet, and troubles like the irking sound of a buzzing house fly.

For a time we embraced life’s beauty, like oath sworn nights, we fought to defend its essence and treasure all shades of it, forging laws and norms that held life sacred. But as humans, faulty and faltering in sworn duties, we embrace more finely a supposedly greyer likeness as oath breakers.

Petrified by a longing for the unknown, we ventured further, dipping a pinky in the pool of curiosity and being consumed by its overwhelming possibilities. Finely stroking the strands of life’s connecting paths which steered towards civilization and modernization, we considerably and undoubtedly broke the enculturated barrier of inherited and inherent norms, with a scientific boom.

Ever since this escapade of scientific bombardment, we have found this monster untamed and uncontrollable as its creators are undoubtedly depictions of its sometimes indifference. Blindly enacting orders given by its creators like a hound guarding its master, it has bled a blue world red with barks of threats and jaws clamping down on its master’s foes.

Forcing and enforcing peace in the most uncanny of ways, we have searched for justice with eyes blindfolded, advocated peace through the eyes of war, and consistently portrayed this rare gem of lasting peace, as only sought and kept with the biting jaws of the hounds of nuclear weapons.

Wallowing in this madness of nuclear supremacy, we are blinded to the quakes it wrecks, and undoubtedly, finely weaving the strands of thread that might someday hang us.

Emmanuel I. Orindu.

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