I have become what I for a time, detested.

Born into morality, heeding preachers of lies and truth, and trying to see clearly through bloodied eyes.

I ditched patience and contentment and embraced change.

And so I let it bend me until with strokes of life’s lashes, it broke me.


So long has it been since I walked the right path. In these gallows I now remain, ever dwelling in its confines.

No one spoke of such a path, to embody such peril. No one spoke of the pain I was to endure.

I guess I forgot even roses had thorns. Ignored the writings on the walls.

And so I blamed society, I blamed family and peers.

Blame! Blame! Blame!

Who is to blame!


Regrets, wishes, and truth, piercing my dead heart, awakening the enemy of my many vices.

Blame no one, son, I tell myself. The choice was always mine to make.

Society only gave me options…

Family and peers only cared too much…

Unaware they were feeding an insatiable monster.

I am to blame.



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