Imperfect creation

Why do you blame me for your faults. You say I sit and watch while evil goes on rampage. I ignore the turmoil, the death, the pain. A creator that abandons his creation in times of despair.

My intention was for your perfection. So I designed you in every way as I am. Beauty, power, strength, wisdom, humility, I made you Godlike. To show my good intentions for you my intended perfect creation, I gave you free will as I did my Angels.

You, your father, and his father before him, show and consistently show disobedience and disregard for me, wrongs I choose to ignore and meet with sacrifice.

I gave up my only son to atone for faults he never committed, your many sins. A sacrifice you are so unworthy of, yet was laid down for you.

I cause the heavens to give you rain to water your seeds, sun to warm your day, moon to illuminate and cool your night. I cause the earth to yield you untold food, fruits and herbs. I gave you dominion over all I have made on earth, power and authority over forces seen and unseen.

But yet I am to blame for the hate amongst you, the catastrophe and chaos you create, the hunger and starvation amidst the bounty and plenty.

I have watched you create machines and constantly replace them with better models and designs. But for ages, I have put up with your many faults and never wavered in my good thoughts for you.

Where did I go wrong by you my imperfect creation.


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