The god state

I dread the night, so i cling to the light

But the light fades, the further i sway

No flicker of hope

A static heart cold like the arctic.


I have a craving,

A relic my gold have no sway over

Far from the reach of riches

Immortality, the god state.


Some treasures are best left unsought

A price for everything.

Something is given, another is taken

Life must be balance.


Gifts i cannot control

Demons i cannot tame

Shadows i cannot outrun

Confines I cannot escape, I swing too and fro.


As night draws near, their cries i hear

Screams i cannot bear, I’m haunted in my dreams

Sleep slips from my eyes, I’m loosing control

Nocturnal i have become.


The night, it calls to me

It speaks to me

I belong to it

A truth I cannot deny.



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