The Laws of Men

Men and their laws, always making and breaking.

Too many laws to follow, some binds them, some loosens them.

They claim the laws keeps them in check, ensure order, makes all equal and sets them free.

But thats a lie.

Not all follow the law. Those men more equal than others bypass them with no consequences.

They are the gods among men.

The lesser men only follow and obey. They must learn to be patient, follow the law, stand in line and wait their turn, pray to God and be hopeful.

They are taught its the right way, made to believe its the systems way. Pawns in a game they don’t even know is being played.

But the gods among men, the unseen players behind the stage, the invisible hands that forges paths, the names above mere mortal names, they silently and inconspicuously walk by the lines, easily bending the mortal laws.

The laws serve them and nothing on earth exist outside their control. The mortal gods that decide the fate of lesser mortal men.

Only a few amongst them would comprehend.

Rooted in their daily lives, oblivious to the true reality of the world’s mechanism, most just wouldn’t comprehend.



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