Never expect anything from any man, for man is highly unreliable and undependable.

It’s Mans nature to be flawed, a curse he cannot undo.

Imperfect in every way, yet creating wonders of perfection. Highly remarkable.

Hearts full of deceit, and hate, and greed. Yet encompassing trust and love and selflessness.

They wail unceasingly about the chaos they have created that surrounds them, yet do little or nothing to calm its flame.

Sometimes it seems as though they know their fate, and have accepted it rather than defy it. Very unusual.

A world where all is in a race after something, or from something.

So much wealth and plenty and happiness, yet so much wretched ness, and absence and sadness.

Man, a driving force fueled by the insatiable desire for more, consuming all in his path for self fulfillment.

Their future, so uncertain. Their dreams, so unsure. All resting on the fragile hands of hope.

Love Man, hate Man, it doesn’t change what they are. I guess we should learn to accept them as they are.


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