Unforgotten sand.

Hello death, here we are again. Like a shadow you have followed, like a fog you have clogged.

Many a time you’ve come, many a time I’ve gone.

I come and go like the tide, but you are always by my side. On unforgotten sand, there we both stand.

Unforgiven deed, unbegotten seed. Damned from above, an outcast of below.

Remorseless you are in snatching a soul, relentless you are in searching a soul.

Sometimes rest you bring, sometimes with unrest you sting.

A shroud always lingering, a cloud always hovering.

You never slumber, you always hunger. A force irresistible, an appetite insatiable.

Untold peril braised with lifes steam. Untold turmoil faced with lifes beam.


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