Key to the hearts of Men

I’ve been told severally that life is a mystery, we are never actually in charge, you don’t make your day, rather your day makes you. Good is everywhere, so is bad. Taking both, and finding the balance within them, defines the path one chooses.

I’ve learnt that the best way of understanding success is by failing, I mean really hitting rock bottom. One never really understands wealth when one has never been poor. No one takes pride in suffering, but when you want and don’t get, when you need and don’t have, it gives you an insight towards life. I would always tell people, what you have isn’t entirely yours. It could be yours today, and another’s tomorrow. The big question is, what did you do with it when you had it, the lives affected by what you had, where they enriched or deprived.

To whom much is given, much is expected. Luke 12:48

True humility is tested and known in eyes of wealth. When one has it all, but yet remains down to earth, not really in the eyes of poverty. With wealth comes pride, and pride births most sin and vice. And with Poverty comes humility, and she is the mother of most virtues.

It takes grace to have wealth and remain humble, any imbedded with these gems, has attained a level of wisdom. A man who rises from nothing to something, and in his plenty, is one with humility, and remembers where he once was, and those who where there with him, has not just attained a level of wisdom, but also love in the eyes of many.

A wise man once told me, that humility is an important key to the hearts of men and God, any who wields her properly gains favor in the eyes of many.


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