My words to you.

Why do you feel irritated at the mention of my name?

Why do you hate preachers of my word?

They are only calling you to order, not condemning you.

You detest those who choose to live a just life, unspoiled by the world.

That’s cos they remind you of something you feel is lost.

So you convince yourself to reject the undiluted truth,

And rather bind yourself to the chains of false teachings.

You cherish my word when it speaks promises of prosperity, love, and bliss,

But detest them when it speaks of your wrongs.

Must you flow with the tide, even when it leads to ruin?

Do you think it’s impossible to live a life incorruptible by the world?

Yes, humanity is flawed,

And none that is living is perfect,

But then, what effort are you making to rid yourself of your imperfections?


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