How I Got Help When I Was Suffering To The Point Of Despair

Why wouldn’t you let me go?

All I desire is to be rid of you.

You are a pestilence I have endured for so long, draining away my life force.


I often ask myself what I have ever gained from you since I met you.

Unrelenting you’ve been with your painful stings,

Unyielding you’ve been in loosening your woeful strings.


A thorn in my side,

A blemish on my skin.


Cursed to have crossed paths with you,

Cursed to have ever met you,

These are words I so desire to say, but I can’t.

Cos without these horrors of yours, I would never have beheld this glimmer, shimmering in my almost bleak existence.


Would you please let me go…

Would you please let me go…

So I can be free from you.



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